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Tweeting Allen Ginsberg poems forever

about the ginsberg bot flock

What is the ginsberg bot flock?

The ginsberg bot flock is a flock of twitter bots that each tweet the entire contents of different Allen Ginsberg poems, tweeting the poem one line at a time.

The flock is implemented in Python and uses the rainbow mind machine library.

For more information about bots and bot flocks, see

Find the bots on twitter at the ginsberg bot flock twitter list


Why build the ginsberg bot flock?

The ginsberg bot flock was built to help drown out some of the noise on Twitter, and to provide a juxtaposition of Allen Ginsberg poetry with the latest goings-on in the Twitter timeline.

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@charlesreid1 is a full-time data engineer and part-time bot-wrangler working on the intersection of cloud computing and genomics at UC Santa Cruz.

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